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é totalmente esplêndido!

Camilla E

I like it :)


i love it :)



:o) Crissy

I really like it! The red framing the figure makes me feel like I am spying, privy to an inner struggle or feeling. Fabulous!


Oh, I like this one too! You have such a great variance in style!


Oh, I just noticed that 2 of you share this blog. Hence the difference in style...color me a little stupid... Great illo though!!


oh hello. so glad to see you participating in illustration friday. I have very much been enjoying your work that i have seen in flikr. i wish i could read what you have to say. this is a very nice drawing too.


Great depth! I like it!


very nice!




Oooh i love this illo! To me, it almost looks like a sinister eye with a tiny reflection within it.

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